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Empowering people with low vision through eyewear   

Clinically-validated. Trusted by experts. Adored by wearers.

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Student living with low vision walks down street wearing her eSight electronic eyewear.

See new possibilities

eSight’s low vision electronic eyewear significantly enhances vision empowering you to explore new possibilities in school, work and home.

  • See the faces of loved ones
  • Start new jobs or return to work
  • Perform better in school
  • Enjoy reading and watching TV
  • Rediscover hobbies from cooking to crafting
  • Feel confident exploring new places
Low vision patient receives eye exam to see if she could be a candidate for eSight's electronic eyewear

Clinically proven and used daily by thousands of people with visual impairments and legal blindness

 eSight introduction yields immediate improvements in visual ability, with face recognition and ADLs showing a tentative benefit of further use. Overall, visual ability, reading, and visual information showed greatest benefit with device use.”

Optometry and Vision Science

A woman living with low vision reads a brochure using her low vision device, eSight's electronic eyewear

What conditions do eSight users have?

eSight electronic eyewear enhances vision for people living with central vision loss, blurry vision, blind spots and more. eSight users commonly live with low vision due to:

  • Stargardt Disease
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Cone Rod Dystrophy
  • Retinopathy of Prematurity
  • Ocular Albinism
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Optic Nerve Hypoplasia

Breakthrough electronic eyewear for people with low vision

CBS Innovation Nation Profiles eSight – Watch the segment to learn everything about how eSight got started, how eSight works, and hear the life-changing different eSight has had for Julia Lewis who lives with Stargardt’s disease.

Watch the CBS’ Innovation Nation profile to learn more.

How to try eSight

The best way to try eSight’s electronic eyewear is with a home evaluation. You’ll get to try the device in the comfort of your own home, guided by an eSight Specialist.

Complete a simple online form on our website
Speak with an advisor to see if you’re an eSight candidate
Receive your eSight within 5-7 days
Try eSight with video support from an expert
Keep your eSight and enjoy enhanced vision each and every day
eSight resulted in immediate improvements in all visual function measures, with activities of daily living showing improvement with training. Self-reported outcomes suggest that visual abilities are greatly improved when wearing the device.
Dr. Walter Wittich, PhD
Professor of Neuroscience
University of Montreal
Dr. Walter Wittich is a supporter of eSight's low vision electronic eyewear
eSight opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for low vision patients and allows us to help them in ways we never could before.
Dr Robert Devenyi
University Health Network
Dr. Robert Devenyi is a supporter of eSight's electronic eyewear
The results of our study indicate significant improvement in a number of validated visual performance measures. More importantly, study participants reported much improved day-to-day visual ability when using eSight.
Dr. Gislin Dagnelie, PhD
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Dr. Gislin Dagnelie is a supporter of eSight's low vision device for the visually impaired
Every aspect of eSight has been designed with an in-depth knowledge of the needs of visually impaired users. The hardware, the user interface design, and the image processing algorithms all work very well together to create a complete, well thought-out system.
Dr. Michael Tolentino, MD,
Retinal Specialist and Surgeon
Dr. Michael Tolentino is a supporter of eSight's low vision device for the blind
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