eSight 4: Game-Changing Low Vision Assistive Technology

Leaders share the company’s vision, impact, and what’s to come.

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The eSight Story

Founded by an electrical engineer who wanted to help his two legally blind sisters see, eSight has since grown to become the leading sight enhancement platform led by an executive team with the vision to do more.

Founded as a Solution for Stargardt’s Disease…

Conrad Lewis had one goal – to help his two legally blind sisters see. Both sisters live with Stargardt’s disease. The electrical engineer spent nearly 30 years tinkering with gadgets and bits of access software he’d encountered at trade shows and through his professional connections, all with the intent of creating a product that could help people living with visual impairments see, live independently and be truly mobile.

Conrad Lewis

…eSight is The Result

Conrad’s vision was to create an all-in-one solution that closely mimics how sighted people see. Success would require a technological breakthrough that delivers instant sight and moves seamlessly through the day with the wearer, offering comfort and enhanced vision for activities of daily life.

After seven years of research and development, and millions of dollars of investment, the first eSight Eyewear prototype was released in 2013.

American visitors, watch our founding story on CBS’ Innovation Nation

eSight Today: From Concept to Leading Vision Enhancement Platform

At eSight we don’t just help our low vision clients see, we help them See New Possibilities. Whether it’s getting a new job, pursuing a degree, or traveling the world, our goal is to provide the most advanced low vision assistive technology available.

Tony with eSight 4 at office

eSight 4, the New Standard for Enhanced Vision, Launched July 2020

Extensive research and purpose-driven custom design set eSight apart. Combining leading-edge proprietary hardware and software, eSight empowers people living with visual impairment with best visual acuity, unmatched mobility, and ease of use.

Helping the World See New Possibilities

440 million people live with visual impairments

There are 440 million people around the world experiencing some form of visual impairment. That number is expected to grow with our aging population.

8 of 10 experience enhanced vision with eSight

8 of every 10 people who try eSight with Stargardt’s disease experience enhanced vision, and it works for the large majority of with individuals with various causes of visual impairments.

eSight users live with different eye conditions

eSight is clinically proven to enhance vision. Many eSight users live with macular degeneration, ocular albinism, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, uveitis, aniridia, coloboma and many others.

Dr. Robert Devenyi is a supporter of eSight's electronic eyewear

Independent clinical studies by world-renowned low vision research institutions, such as the Wilmer Eye Institute of Johns Hopkins University, demonstrated significant improvement when using the low vision aid including:

  • a seven-line gain in distance acuity
  • 100% mobility retention
  • 12 letter contrast improvement

Poised for Impact

The Vision to Do More

  • Increase the number of people we can help and the positive impact in the lives of our clients through continuous innovation.
  • Expand our reach globally, working in partnership with vision professionals, and bringing eSight Workplace to corporate CSR and inclusivity programs.
  • Secure government and insurer coverage. In 2019, select leading corporations added eSight coverage to their benefits program, and support is now available for US Veterans.
  • Help build a world more inclusive of people living with visual impairments and supporting the low vision community through #eSightTogether.
Dell nutcracker eSight event: Dell is one of eSight's corporate social responsibility partners

“I became chairman because I believe in the cause. When children can see for the first time ever or people are able to see their spouses for the first time in 20 years, it’s incredibly powerful. We’re ready to go in a big way to change people’s lives.” 

Sam Ifergan
eSight Eyewear, Chairman of Board
iGAN Partners, Founder & Managing Partner

Awards and Accolades

  • Gold Winner of Company Work-From-Home Implementation of the Year, 2020 Golden Bridge Awards 
  • Silver Winner of the Company Innovation of the Year, 2020 Pillar World Awards
  • One of 11 life-changing assistive technologies, CNN 2020
  • Best Wearable Technology Solution, Health Tech Digital Awards 2019
  • Outstanding Product Achievement, CATA Gala
  • Best Breakthrough Technology Finalist, 7th Annual Canadian Innovation Awards
  • One of Canada’s Most Innovative Companies, Canadian Innovation Exchange Advisory Board
  • Conrad Lewis nominated as nominee, 2018 Ernest C. Manning Innovation Awards
  • George Alexander BAVF Corporate Volunteer Awards, Blinded American Veterans Foundation
  • The 25 Best Inventions in 2017, Time Magazine
  • 2016 Chairman’s AAA, Federal Communications Commission USA

Interested in learning more? Contact us at

Based in Toronto, Canada, eSight is a recognized world leader in vision technology.

Many eSight employees are also users of eSight Eyewear and we offer peer-to-peer coaching models to help our clients get the most out of their eSight experience.

eSight is a Class 1 medical device. eSight Corporation is licensed and inspected by Health Canada and registered with the US FDA and EUDAMED. Outside of North America, eSight is available from Authorized Representatives.

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