Author: Krystal Carter

eSight 4 Webinar For Low Vision Specialists
What’s the Difference Between eSight 3 and eSight 4?
Introducing the Next Generation of Vision Enhancing Technology
Remote Low Vision Rehabilitation & Acuity Testing
5 Questions With Stephen Ricci
Stephen Ricci is seen at a CNIB event wearing a dress shirt and tie and smiling to the camera.
Managing Social Distancing with a Visual Impairment
Bob Vaters headshot as he encourages everyone to help ease Covid-19 for people with visual impairments as part of #eSightTogether
Help Us Ease the Impact of COVID-19 for People With Visual Impairments
Walter Wittich seen smiling in a headshot. His career has led him to research assistive technologies
Doctor Walter Wittich on Low Vision Rehabilitation
Women wearing eSight's low vision technology gives a presentation at work as part a corporate social responsibility partnership with Microsoft Partner
3 Tech Giants Making Low Vision Technology More Accessible
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