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eSight is the leading vision platform for enhancing sight for the visually impaired and more.

Too often people are defined by their vision loss. At eSight, we don’t just help our low vision clients see, we help them live active and independent lives. Whether it’s getting a new job, pursuing a degree, or traveling the world, our goal is to provide the most advanced assistive eyewear available.

With 440 million people around the world experiencing some form of visual impairment, we recognize the importance of continuous innovation to enhance sight. eSight 3 is breakthrough technology that combines high resolution screens, a cutting-edge camera, and sophisticated software. It helps clients with a range of eye conditions enhance their sight, or see clearly for the first time.

Based in Toronto, Canada, eSight is a recognized world leader in vision technology. Many of our staff are users of our technology and we offer peer-to-peer coaching models to help our clients get the most out of their eSight experience.

eSight is registered with the FDA and EUDAMED, and is inspected by Health Canada.

Private insurance companies are covering eSight

eSight continues to invest in new technology development, product commercialization and international expansion.

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