Our fourth generation enhanced vision device is here. Meet eSight 4 >

eSight 3, pushing the boundaries
of vision technology

Clear vision made possible by an assistive technology made up of a leading edge camera, liquid lens and high definition display powered by smart algorithms. The result? Clear, enhanced vision of up to 7 lines on a doctor’s eye chart for many who are legally blind.

Sleek and light design for comfortable all day use. Uniquely designed to incorporate your remaining vision, for a more safe, mobile use. Featuring patented bioptic tilt, flip up and down the eyewear to move between natural and enhanced vision.

The easy-to-use remote control connected to the assistive technology puts visual independence at your fingertips. Adjust contrast, brightness and zoom to compliment your vision needs and move between reading, TV, indoor and outdoor modes.

The Science and Technology behind eSight

eSight is a Class 1 medical device that uses a best-in-class camera to capture high-quality video of what the wearer is looking at. This footage is then displayed on two crystal clear screens directly in front of each eye. Using patented prism technology and proprietary autofocus, stabilization, and aberration correction algorithms, eSight triggers an increased reaction from the eye and delivers more data to the brain for maximum functional vision.

Many uses eSight's low vision device in the workplace

Clear vision

eSight provides wearers immediate enhanced vision and easy-to-use features to take control of their vision. Using the handheld trackpad, user can control the color, contrast, focus, brightness, and magnification for the clearest look at tiny details or an expansive view. Prescription lenses can be crafted and installed directly into the unit.

Blind woman wears eSight eyewear's assistive technology: #eSightTogether

Near or far, up or down

eSight’s low vision device provides the flexibility to read books up close with the same ease as seeing a crosswalk sign from a distance. The patented Bioptic TiltTM technology, made possible by eSight’s uniquely non-immersive design, allows users to be mobile and easily adapt to face-to-face interactions.

How to try eSight

The best way to try eSight is with a home evaluation. You’ll get to try the device in the comfort of your own home, guided by an eSight Specialist.

Fill in a simple online form on our website
Speak with an advisor to see if you qualify for an eSight Evaluation
Receive your eSight within 5-7 days
Try eSight with video support from an expert
Keep your eSight at the end of your evaluation, and join the eSight coaching program

Frequently asked questions

Who can benefit from eSight’s assistive technology?

eSight’s low vision assistive technology has been effective for a wide range of ages. Our youngest recorded user is 4 and our oldest is 101. Many of our users live with central vision loss most commonly caused by macular degenerationdiabetic retinopathy and Stargardt’s disease.

Learn more about eye conditions

How do I know if eSight will work for me or a loved one?

eSight offers a fast, convenient, and affordable evaluation program, which will allow you to try the low vision device in the comfort of your home while receiving remote support from our team.

What is included in my purchase of eSight?

In addition to the electronic glasses, your purchase includes lifetime software upgrades, customized prescription lens inserts, TV Kit and cable splitters, 5 coaching sessions with an eSight expert, and our best-in-class warranty for one full year.

We also offer extended warranty, additional coaching, and even incident protection to provide you with the utmost peace of mind. Find out more by speaking with an eSight Advisor at 1.855.837.4448.

Can eSight help with light sensitivity?

eSight lets you adjust both the brightness and contrast of the screens, which means it is well-suited for people with light sensitivity. Conversely, the same ability can also help night vision.

What is coaching at eSight?

When you purchase a new eSight low vision device you get paired up with one of our certified coaches who will help you discover some amazing things about your new eSight glasses. Our focus will be to walk you through your specific areas of interest. Throughout the curriculum you will get answers to your questions, discuss your requirements and set you up for success. Your coach will be at your side throughout your time with the assistive technology.

After your Home Experience, you will receive a confirmation email with additional details of your new session.

How can I, or a loved one, try eSight?

To arrange your own home evaluation, complete our simple and easy online screening to see if eSight’s assistive technology is right for you, and an eSight Advisor will get in touch shortly.

Try eSight

The best way to try eSight is with our home evaluation guided by an eSight specialist, or find a distributor near you.

eSight 3 tech specs

Thoughtfully designed for an active life

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esight lens icon

21.5 MP camera with liquid lens and 24x zoom to see both near and far.

esight sensors icon

An array of sensors to detect distance, temperature, and orientation.

esight SD Card icon

Advanced UI with HDMI, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and removable SD cards.

esight binocular icon

Two high resolution screens for full binocular vision that also integrates with prescription lenses.

Two colour options

eSight 3, glasses for the visually impaired in the colour white. Technical Specifications

eSight 3

eSight 3, glasses for the visually impaired in the colour white. Technical Specifications
tech specs for eSight 3, glasses for the visually impaired in the colour black.

Quick overview

  •  Patented bioptic tilt allows full mobility
  •  21.5 megapixel camera
  •  24x zoom
  •  Real time imaging
  •  Lightweight
  •  Quick and quiet autofocus
  •  Coaching and live technical support

Display technical specifications

Dual, independent high-contrast OLEDs
High Resolution
1280 x 768
Field of View
Diagonal 37.5°
Frame attachment
Magnetic, patent pending system
Advanced UI
Bluetooth, HDMI for TV, Wi-Fi, and removable SD cards.

Headset technical specifications

Patented bioptic
Adjustable bioptic tilt
+45° to -10°
Operating System
Android 5.0
System acuity

The best way to try eSight is with a home evaluation. You’ll get to try the low vision device in the comfort of your own home, guided by an eSight Specialist.

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