eSight 4 Reviews from Top Influencers

Catch your favourite influencers’ eSight 4 reviews below.

Alisha Shares Her Experience Using eSight 4

On her YouTube channel, Alisha’s Guide, Alisha is known for sharing her experiences and tips for living with Stargardt’s Disease. In this video, she demonstrates how to use an eSight 4 and how it helps her navigate her daily life.

This device is sitting at 431 g — that’s pretty lightweight considering how much tech and time has been put into this device. When you add the battery pack it’s about an extra 100 g, which balances out the tech in the front.

Alisha B.

Steven Kelly, AccessWorld, Details New eSight 4 Design

Steven Kelly, writer for AFB AccessWorld, gives an in-depth overview of eSight 4’s new features and specifications.

The eSight 4 seems to be designed in response to many of these complaints—it’s a wearable that is more comfortable, looks more like eyewear than a mask, is controlled wirelessly, and does not completely cover the eyes, so peripheral vision is available.

Steven Kelly

Ken Gray provides in-depth review of eSight 4

Director Emeritus of the Central Illinois Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Ken Gray, shares how eSight has enhanced his vision from 20/100 to 20/20 visual acuity.

Simply, my eyesight improves from 20/100 to 20/20 using eSight 4. That’s remarkable for a person who never saw a presentation in a board room, the materials in a lecture hall or the chalk board in a class room.

Ken Gray

Sam Seavey, The Blind Life, Shares His eSight 4 Review

Sam Seavey is a popular YouTuber who lives with Stargardt’s Disease. He commonly makes videos about assistive technology. In this video, he gives an in-depth overview of eSight 4’s new features, along with his personal opinion of the product.

“The physical design of the hardware may be one of my favourite designs of a wearable device so far.”

Sam Seavey

Casey Greer, How Casey Sees It, Gives an Overview of eSight 4

Casey lives with albinism, and makes entertaining and educational videos about visual impairments and blindness. In this overview, she describes key features of the new eSight 4, and demonstrates how she uses it in her daily life.

“It’s completely live in time when you’re walking. There is no lag.”

Casey Greer

Carrie Morales, Live Accessible, Compares eSight 3 vs 4

Carrie Morales has tried both the eSight 3 and the eSight 4. Find out the many reasons why she prefers the eSight 4 in this video.

“I definitely like the eSight 4 better. The colours are more true to life and you can have it a lot brighter. It also has more contrast and auto-brightness.”

Carrie Morales

Carrie Morales, Live Accessible, Gives Her In-Depth eSight 4 Review

Carrie lives with aniridia. She is best known for making videos sharing how to live an accessible life, focusing on her own family who are also blind. In this review, Carrie provides a detailed review of eSight 4’s updated features and what’s included in the purchase.

“I like the zoom, all the functions, the filters, the modes, and I like how customizable everything is.”

Carrie Morales

Steve Saylor, Blind Gamer Reviews eSight 4

Steve Saylor is a YouTuber who covers accessible gaming for people living with visual impairments. Steve lives with a condition called nystagmus that makes his vision blurry. He shares his thoughts on the new eSight 4 and tests it for playing video games.

“I can watch a video right in my eSight. It’s broadcasting. It’s pretty cool!”

Steve Saylor

J.R. Bjornson‘s eSight 4 Review

This YouTuber shares his daily life living with Peter’s Anomaly. Typically he sees about a foot in front of him or 12 inches. In this video, J.R. shares the unboxing video and what he can see using his eSight 4.

“I was just mind blown to actually be watching Netflix with my kids… I was actually able to see my son waving at me. Who can say that? Who can see their son waving at them for the first time?”

J.R. Bjornson

Leah Fanning, Ability Mom of 2 Shares Her First Impressions of eSight

This mom of two shares her life as a stay-at-home mom living with Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. In this video, Leah shares what the demonstration and home evaluation is like for those interested in trying eSight. Skip to minute 13 to see a really special moment.

“I was able to see detail on my husband and kids’ faces that I haven’t seen in 15 years.”

Leah Fanning

Leah Fanning, Ability Mom of 2 Gives Her Full eSight Review

This mom of two shares her life as a stay-at-home mom living with Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. In this video, Leah describes her favourite emotional moments with eSight.

“There were less gaps in interactions with my children. Less gaps in me understanding what was going on around me. I feel like I would pay the cost for a device like this.”

Leah Fanning

Cosmo Moore, Live Long and Dad, Talks About his eSight 4 Experience

Cosmo Moore is an eSight coach, and legally blind father to three young children. He lives with optic atrophy. In this podcast, he shares his thoughts on the new eSight 4, and how it holds up against the older generation.

“If I could only have one assistive low vision device, eSight is it. It really is the Rolls-Royce of low vision seeing aids.”

Cosmo Moore

John Grimes joins Blind Grilling to Share His eSight Review

Chris Peltz started Blind Grilling to share his favorite recipes and techniques of grilling with a visual impairment. In this special episode, John Grimes joins Chris to discuss his thoughts on the new eSight 4.

“There are some pretty smart people, engineers who developed this and it is very impressive.”

John Grimes

Low Vision and Blindness Technology

Luke walks you through what eSight 4 does and what the redesign offers.

“Not too many wearables allow you to be mobile and this is a really good solution to that. For those who want to walk around wearing their wearable, you can certainly do that.”

Luke Scriven

The eSight Guy Gives a Quick Tour of eSight 4

The eSight Guy has been using eSight for years now. In this video, he runs through some new features in the eSight 4, and discusses what he likes about the device.

“There is much more clarity in what I’m viewing!”

The eSight Guy

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