eSight Workplace

Combining leading-edge assistive technology with a COVID-19 compliant support program, allowing professionals who are legally blind or have low vision to productively work from home.

Empower Your Employees During COVID-19 and Beyond

While a growing number of corporations have invested in costly assistive technology to build a workplace inclusive of people with serious visual impairments, the solutions do not adapt to the world of COVID-19 and the demands of social distancing. That’s why eSight Workplace is designed to foster inclusivity while also catering to the realities of COVID-19. The award-winning program provides employees with an all-in-one solution in the form of an electronic vision device, significantly reducing (or even replacing) the need for costly pre-existing remote and accessible technology.

Pillar World Awards - October 2020 eSight

Companies identified as leaders in disability employment and inclusion had an average of 28% higher revenue, double the net income and 30% higher economic profit of their peers.

– Accenture: The Disability Inclusion Advantage

eSight Workplace reduces the costs and complexities for corporations, and offers:


Your employees will receive a virtual no-risk evaluation that can be completed in the comfort of their home. If successful, they will receive a gold standard remote setup.

Vision enhancing device

Our newest innovation, eSight 4 is a head mounted device that enhances your employees vision and keeps them mobile while working in the office, travelling or at home.

Maintenance and support

eSight Workplace offers 1:1 online training and support by our eSight coaches. It also provides comprehensive device maintenance and remote technical support.

Hear what employees are saying about eSight

Learn more about how eSight can create new career possibilities for people who are visually impaired.  

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