eSight Workplace | Low Vision Assistive Technology for Remote Employees

Designed for corporations to create workplaces inclusive of low vision professionals, eSight Workplace combines leading-edge assistive technology with a full service, COVID-19 compliant program so legally blind employees can work productively from home.

eSight Workplace is an all-in-one solution in the form of an electronic vision device that brings all of an organization’s remotely accessible technology – including native applications – into the employee’s wearable device screen that they can see and control.

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Empower Your Low Vision Employees During COVID-19 and Beyond

While a growing number of corporations have invested in assistive technology to build a workplace inclusive of people with serious visual impairments, the solutions do not adapt to the world of COVID-19 and the demands of social distancing. Solutions deployed typically include a combination of costly assistive technologies that are limited to use at the in-office workstation.

eSight Workplace reduces the costs and complexities for corporations, offering:

  • An all-in one wearable device that seamlessly works with all Internet accessible applications
  • A mobile solution your employees can use whether working in the office, travelling or at home
  • A no-risk evaluation your low vision employees complete in the comfort of their home
  • Gold standard remote deployment to your employee
  • 1:1 online training and support from eSight Coaches
  • Comprehensive device maintenance and support

eSight Workplace is fully COVID-19 compliant.

Keep your low vision employees productively employed at home, complying with all COVID-19 safety and social distancing requirements with eSight Workplace.

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Learn more about how eSight can create new career possibilities for people who are visually impaired.  

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