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Connect with other people with visual impairments through our events for the low vision community.

Upcoming Events for the Low Vision Community

eSight Coffee Chat – Every Monday!

Open mic style chats are always fun, informal, and interesting. Sit back and enjoy the conversation, or ask your questions and share your ideas. eSight Coffee Chats take place from every Monday from 12pm to 1 pm EST. Same time. Same zoom link. Registration not required.

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Highlights from Recent Virtual Chats

#eSightTogether virtual chats are highly informative. Read or watch the key insights shared by our expert guest speakers during recent events below.

Exclusive Interview with Chad E. Foster

Chad E. Foster, motivational speaker and author of the Blind Ambition, joined our CTO, Charles Lim for an exclusive interview about his stories, and lessons learned. Chad also discussed how he transformed the loss of his vision into a gift.

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A message to the sighted community on #WorldSightDay

In honour of World Sight Day, the #eSightTogether community came together to share their thoughts and make their voices heard. We’ve put together a video highlighting some important messages from our community.  

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Flatten Inaccessibility with Dr. L. Penny Rosenblum

Dr. L. Penny Rosenblum, Director of Research at the American Foundation for the Blind, joined #eSightTogether to discuss the findings from the Flatten Inaccessibility study, that surveyed the lives of 1,921 adults living with low vision and blindness during COVID-19. 

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eSight 4 For Low Vision Specialists

Dr. Scott Gartner of the Lighthouse for the Blind, joined eSight’s Chief Technology Officer, Charles Lim, and Clinical Account Manager, Jordan Finewax, to discuss why the new eSight 4 is the premier solution for low vision patients.

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eSight 4 Overview

Learn about eSight 4’s key improvements from Khurram, product manager, and Nadim, design strategist, who have been living and breathing eSight 4 since its inception.

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Product Showcase

In this showcase, WeWalk discussed their smart cane, Elegant Insights talked about their braille jewelry creations, and eSight shared their vision-enhancing eyewear.

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Music with Joey Stuckey

Joey Stuckey is an award-winning blind guitarist, singer, producer, music columnist, TV personality and music educator. Joey shared how he approaches life with a disability, the behind-the-scenes of his fan-favourite Christmas album, and tips for learning the guitar while being visually impaired.

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Golf with Hugh Montgomery

Hugh Montgomery is an avid blind golfer and board director on OVIG (Ontario Visually Impaired Golfers). Hugh gave advice on finding assistive golfing tools, getting a coach as a visually impaired golfer, and reducing anxiety while golfing.

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Assistive Technology and Apps with the Blind Life

Sam Seavey of The Blind Life joined us to review his favourite accessible apps and answer assistive technology questions from participants.

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Staying Healthy During Quarantine

Maria Johnson from Girl Gone Blind joins us to talk tips, tricks and accessible resources for exercising to stay healthy during quarantine.

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Accessible Cooking & Kitchen Tools

Special guest Mary Mammoliti from Kitchen Confession cooks up the most delicious recipes every week on her website, and has appeared as an on-air food expert on Citytv’s Breakfast Television Toronto and Accessible Media Inc. She will share what appliances she uses in the kitchen, her go-to pandemic recipes, and her favourite accessible cookbooks and recipes.

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Remote Low Vision Rehabilitation & Acuity Testing

Dr. David Lewerenz, OD, FAAO, from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology, discusses how he is still assisting low vision patients during quarantine. He also shares the tools he and Dr. Iyer at the University of Texas created to test visual acuity during online health visits.

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A Candid Talk: Low Vision and Work

Yvonne Felix is an Accessibility and Inclusion Leader at the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. She focuses on improving workplace inclusion, and how we can use technology to level the playing field for more equitable work practices. In this podcast, Yvonne discusses her perspectives on a variety of hot-topic issues, such as Bill C-81, how COVID-19 may have implications for accessibility stigmas, and how to stand up for yourself in the workplace.

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Accessible Entertainment for Kids

Seanette Haynes, Manager, Job Development, leads a discussion for parents of low vision children, who give their recommendations for keeping their kids engaged, the apps they find the most helpful, and the key services that they access.

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The Future of Accessibility & Tech

Stephen Ricci works for CNIB Foundation as the portfolio manager of technology and accessibility solutions. In this article, Stephen shares what it’s like to be a self-described “in-betweener” (not fully sighted or profoundly blind), and where he thinks the future of accessibility and inclusive technology is heading. 

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Social Distancing with a Visual Impairment 

Katie Mahoney of We Are Young and Kayla Douglas, a volunteer with CNIB Halifax, share tips for staying safe while getting your groceries, getting around, and reducing direct touch. 

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