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eSight is the leading vision platform for enhancing sight for the visually impaired and more.


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eSight was founded in 2006 by Conrad Lewis, an inventor who wanted to help his two sisters who were living with visual impairments. The first prototype was created after seven years of research and $10 million of investment. Since then, eSight has gone through three iterations and over $45 million in R&D investments resulting in the eSight 3, one of the most advanced commercial solutions on the market.

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eSight continues with a simple but profound promise: to help people see the world and change the world. A unique, patented and clinically-validated technology, eSight offers electronic glasses which enable people with vision loss to independently see clearly, and carry out virtually all activities of daily living.

eSight continues to invest in new technology development, product commercialization and international expansion. If you want to learn more, please contact us at InvestorRelations@eSightEyewear.com