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Low Vision Assistive Devices

Low vision assistive technology can refer to a more specific subset of low vision aids, although they can sometimes be used interchangeably. Whereas low vision aids can include optical and non-optical aids that are typically not electronic, assistive technology can generally refer to a broad range of electronic devices. 

The category of low vision assistive technology can include electronic books, computers, and advanced head mounted eyewear displays.

This article covers types of low vision assistive technology and high-tech visual aids.

Interested in an all-in-one assistive technology solution? 

With eSight, thousands of people with low vision and legal blindness are leaving behind their low technology tools and the complex array of technology solutions consisting of their smartphone, tablet, TV, computer and more. Worn comfortably like a pair of glasses, eSight is the clinically-validated, all-in-one enhanced vision medical device that built for life on the go. Learn more about eSight’s revolutionary technology.

Types of Low Vision Assistive Technology

Kindle, a type of low vision assistive technology

Audio Books and Electronic Books

Services like Audible allow users to hear the text in books without having to use their vision. Electronic books like the Kindle allow the reader to adjust the text size and the contrast on the screen, which is useful for those who have some remaining vision.

Smartphones and Tablets

These days, most smartphones or tablets will allow its users to increase the size of the text, the colour of the screen, and use voice commands to access apps and other functions. On the App Store or Google Play Store, there are also downloadable apps that can help those with low vision connect with accessible tools, magnify documents, and more.

Laptop, a type of low vision assistive technology.


There are computer programs that enable text to read aloud to the user or magnify what is on the screen. Low vision users can also opt to buy larger monitors for ease of visibility. As well, some websites may have accessible low vision features built in to increase text size, underline links, and create high or negative contrast.

Mobile Head Mounted Display

This low vision assistive technology allows the user to enhance their remaining vision and regain their independence. A mobile head mounted display sits in front of the low vision user’s eyes, and uses a high-tech camera and advanced software to allow them to see clearer than ever before. 

eSight is the most prominent example of this in the current market. It is clinically-validated, worn daily by thousands of people with low vision, and can enhance the wearer’s functional vision to as much as 20/20.

eSight eyewear is clinically proven to significantly enhance vision for people living with visual impairments, legal blindness, and vision loss. Find out more about eSight.

eSight Assistive Device for People Most Commonly Living with 20/60 to 20/1400 Acuity

eSight 4, low vision assistive technology

eSight is the premier low vision assistive technology that enhances vision for people with visual impairments and legal blindness.  With a cutting edge camera, smart algorithms and high resolution screens, it can provide the brain with increased visual information to naturally make up for gaps in the user’s field of view.

eSight gives users significantly enhanced vision, supporting over 50 different eye conditions. Most commonly, eSight users live with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and Stargardt disease and 20 other eye conditions. eSight can be beneficial for those with blurry vision, central sight loss, blind spots, and more.

Clinically Validated

It is a Class 1 Medical Device worn daily by thousands of people with low vision and legal blindness. Through the eSight Quality of Life Efficacy Study (eQUEST), eSight has been clinically validated, and patients demonstrated:

  • A 7 line gain in distance acuity
  • 100% mobility retention
  • 12 letter contrast improvement
  • Improved quality of life through more easily performing activities of daily living (ADLs)

eQUEST was conducted with the help of the 6 partners: Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Center for Retina and Macular Disease, John Hopkins University, University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center, University Health Network, and University of Montreal.

eSight’s low vision electronic eyewear significantly enhances vision, empowering you to explore new possibilities in school, work, and home. Try eSight today!

eSight vs Other Low Vision Assistive Technology

There are many benefits of choosing eSight when compared to other visual aids that are currently available.


eSight offers superior mobility compared to other similar head-mounted eyewear devices on the market. It is lightweight, designed for all-day wearability with an adjustable comfort band, and has a patented Bioptic TiltTM which allows for full range of motion while wearing the device. 

Ease of Control

There is an easy-to-use remote control that connects to the eSight that allows the user to immediately adjust what they’re seeing, which allows for individual customization for each and every wearer. 

Brightness, focus, contrast, and zoom can all be adjusted to suit your needs. This means users can seamlessly switch from near and far sighted activities like reading to watching TV, and indoor and outdoor modes. 

Coaching and Support

All eSight users are assigned to a certified eSight coach, who is legally blind and uses eSight’s low vision assistive technology themselves. These coaches are experts at helping users discover amazing features in their new eSight glasses. Their focus is to help each individual with their specific area of interest. These encouraging and knowledgeable coaches will be at your side throughout your time with the assistive technology.

eSightTogether zoom webinar

Caring Community

As well, although this support is not restricted to eSight users, those with eSight and low vision alike will benefit from accessing #eSightTogether. #eSightTogether is eSight’s unique response to the pandemic: an online community for people with low vision to access accessible COVID-19 related resources, connect with each other, and share inspirational stories. Bi-weekly, coffee chats are hosted by eSight representatives and coaches, where those with low vision can come together to chat, learn, and share, or even hear from legally blind influencers like Sam Seavey of The Blind Life or Mary Mammoliti of Kitchen Confession.

Easy Home Evaluations

Getting started with eSight through the home evaluations are simple and easy to navigate. 

  1. Complete a simple online form
  2. An eSight advisor will contact you personally to see out if you could be a candidate for eSight. 
  3. Receive your eSight in the mail within a week, and eSight’s expert advisors will guide you through the home evaluation process in the comfort of your own living environment. 
  4. If, like most, you are interested in purchasing the eSight, you can simply keep the one that was mailed to you and continue to enjoy enhanced vision every day.

It only takes 1 minute to fill in the online form. Try eSight from the comfort of your own home.

Endorsed by Medical Professionals

Dr. Robert Devenyi is a supporter of eSight's low vision assistive technology

Eyecare specialists and ophthalmologists alike recommend eSight as a valuable option for those looking to buy low vision assistive technology. It is registered with the FDA and EUDAMED, and is inspected by Health Canada.

Leading ophthalmologists like Dr. Robert Devenyi of the University Health Network have declared that, “eSight opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for low vision patients and allows us to help them in ways we never could before.”

How You Can Resume Hobbies and Gain Independence with eSight

Playing Sports

The eSight is sleek and portable. It is designed to optimize mobility, whether you’re at home or on the go. The patented Bioptic TiltTM technology, made possible by eSight’s uniquely non-immersive design, allows users to be mobile and easily adapt.

David Lee was able to resume curling again, and even won a curling championship while wearing his eSight.

Studying in School

eSight’s leading edge camera, liquid lens, and high definition display powered by smart algorithms means that you can experience clear, enhanced vision like never before.

Drue Collins used her eSight throughout her undergraduate studies to clearly see the board, her textbook, models in her drawing class, and even her friends waving to her from across campus.

Returning to Work

The eSight is easy to use. The remote control allows you to put visual independence at your fingertips for the first time. Whether moving between reading, watching TV, or going outside, eSight’s adjustable focus, contrast, brightness, and zoom mean that your clarity of vision will never be compromised.

Jennifer Melanson is a special education assistant who does a lot of different activities each day with her students. eSight’s simple vision control system allows her to focus on her job, rather than her sight.

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