#eSightTogether | Resources for living with visual impairment

Resources to help you build your best technology toolkit for living with low vision, advance in your career, understand your eyes, and know your rights.

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In times like these, it’s important to remind ourselves of our rights and resources available to support us.

There are many organizations offering services to help people who are blind or visually impaired achieve their goals. Whether your goal are personal or professional in nature, you’ll find useful resources below.

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Low vision patient receives eye exam to see if she could be a candidate for eSight's electronic eyewear

Are you worried about your eyes?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology has an extensive list of FAQs about your eyes. It helps in identifying the symptoms you need to worry about and the ones you don’t.

From whether you should keep your eyes injection appointment to if you should seek professional advise about floaters or red eyes, you can browse their online FAQs to see if it’s time to schedule a virtual appointment with your doctor.

4 Valuable Low Vision Resources

From new technologies, to research, these are the tools designed to help people with visual impairments achieve their goals.

Build your technology toolkit

The American Foundation for the Blind provides an extensive array of technology tips. You’ll find how-to information for using social media and assistive technology, to choosing accessible appliances to using technology for online shopping and banking, health management, entertainment, and more.

Advance your career

CareerConnect provides support to job seekers who are visually impaired. Find resources for finding jobs, succeeding at work, participating in virtual worksites, and more.

Ensure your eye health

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind provides a dedicated area for learning proper eye care and about diseases that can affect your sight.

Know your rights

Americans with low vision can visit the American Foundation for the Blind for detailed information about their rights. Canadians with low vision can find their rights here on Government of Canada website.

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