Low Vision Resources and News

Keep up-to-date with the latest low vision resources, news and research. Gain insights from leading vision professionals, knowledge about your eye condition, or see what resources are out there for you and your loved ones.

Chad E. Foster and his guide dog Sarge
Changing Lives with Chad E. Foster, Author of Blind Ambition
Inspiring Important Conversations on World Sight Day
A message to the sighted community in celebration of #WorldSightDay
Flatten Inaccessibility: Living With Low Vision or Blindness During COVID-19
National Guide Dog Month: History, Etiquette Tips, and Facts
Back to School Tips for Students with Low Vision
eSight 4 Webinar For Low Vision Specialists
eSight 4 Features: Hear From the Team Behind the Device
carrie thumbnail
Carrie Morales Teaches Us About Accessible Living
What's the Difference Between eSight 3 and eSight 4?
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