Distribute these materials to patients and users to share information about eSight 4, how to finance it, and what’s included when a device is purchased.

Trifold Brochure

This brochure is to be folded like a standard U-shaped tri-fold. Ask your eSight rep if you would like glossy copies mailed to you.

1 Page Brochure

This brochure fits nicely on a single page and is great for printing.

Introduction Video

This 6-minute video is a great digital introduction to the device.

Accessory Hand Out

This handout lists the costs of all eSight accessories. Page 1 is in USD, page 2 is in CAD.

eSight US Pricing

This handout goes over the purchase and rental price along with how you can protect your eSight with eSight Care.

eSight Canada Pricing

This handout goes over the purchase and rental price along with how you can protect your eSight with eSight Care.

Working with Patients

Use these resources to help you demonstrate eSight 4 and evaluate the success of your patients.

eSight Screening Guide

Use this document to learn how to identify which patients eSight will work for.

Demo Prep Checklist

Follow these steps to ensure a smooth demonstration.

Demonstration Video

Watch this video for an example of how to conduct a demonstration with a patient.

How to Videos

Explore the various functions and features eSight 4 provides. Reference these videos that demonstrate how-to use the device for a customized viewing experience.

Additional Resources

If you have a question about any of these resources, please contact your eSight representative.

Refer a Patient

Use this referral form to send a patient’s contact information to us so that we can set them up for an in-home evaluation with one of our specialists.

eSight Virtual Events

This webpage contains the details and schedules about our virtual events, including our webinars and weekly coffee chats. They’re free to attend and open to the public!

WiFi QR Code Generator

Use this tool to generate a QR code so you can connect your eSight device to WiFi.

Letter of Efficacy (Blank)

You can use this template to write a letter of efficacy for insurance or state agencies.

Letter of Efficacy (Pre-filled)

This template letter is pre-written with some suggested language.

eSight 4 Documentation

Some of these come in the box with the eSight device and most of them can be found on the user set up portal. You can save these files for your records or you can print them out for your own reference.

eSight 4 User Guide

This is the manual that comes in the box. It covers usage and maintenance.

eSight 4 Reference Guide

This digital-only guide goes further in depth on how to use the remote and the mobile app.

eSight 4 eSkills Guide

Use this tool to generate a QR code so you can connect your eSight device to WiFi.

eSight 4 Quick Start Guide

This handout comes in the eSight box and covers the bare minimum to get started.

eSight 4 Technical Specifications

This digital-only guide goes further in depth on how to use the remote and the mobile app.

eSight 4 eSkills Guide

Use this tool to generate a QR code so you can connect your eSight device to WiFi.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

You can click here for our complete troubleshooting guide, but we’ve extracted a few of the most common issues for the FAQs listed below.

How much does eSight 4 cost?

eSight costs $6950 USD or $8750 CAD if the device is purchased directly from us. We offer flexible pricing and multiple avenues for purchase depending on your geographic location, please ask your eSight representative for more information.

Can my Patient try eSight at home?

Yes! You can refer them for an in-home trial with one of our specialists using the referral form in the ‘Useful Links’ section above. Ask your eSight representative for more information on how our in-home trials work.

My device turns on and then turns off again immediately!

Your internal battery is likely discharged and we just need to charge it:

  1. Plug a fully charged external battery into the headset.
  2. Leave the battery in the headset for 30-60 minutes.

You can check the charge of the internal battery by quickly pressing the power button while the battery is plugged in. You’ll see a battery flash on screen showing how charged the internal battery is. The device should stay on if the battery is at 30-50% but it will perform best if the battery is at 70% or higher.

Additionally, the external batteries should always be removed when you’re done charging the headset. A dead battery in the headset will cause the internal battery to die very quickly. The internal batteries will stay charged by the external battery with regular use but they’ll last 1-2 weeks if the device is not used.

For more information, watch the battery management video in the ‘How to Use eSight’ section above.

The external batteries seem to drain very quickly, is this normal?

Each battery should last between 2 and 3 hours while in use but may be used up more quickly depending on what we’re using the device for.

While not in use, the batteries will lose around 5% of their charge each day. If the batteries are left in the eSight headset after the headset is turned off, the batteries will drain much faster, up to 30% each day. Always remove the external batteries whenever the eSight is not being used.

The Device won’t turn on, I just see a battery symbol on the screens.

This happens if the power button isn’t held down long enough. Try waiting a few seconds for the screens to go dark, then hold the power button down fully for 3-5 seconds.

How do I set up the eSight app?

I do recommend getting the app set up on a device that you can have available for demonstrations. Please note, you can only link one eSight account with the headset and the headset can only be paired to one smart device at a time so make sure we set everything up accordingly. You can follow these instructions below to link your account:

  1. Open the Main Menu by pressing the home button on the eSight remote.
  2. Go to SETTINGS –> ADVANCED –> eSIGHT ACCOUNT SETUP, it will prompt you to set up your WiFi and THEN your eSight account by scanning two different QR codes. If you have already set up your WiFi, you can skip to step 4.
  3. To generate the first, go to on a computer or smartphone and click ‘Connect to Wifi’. Put in your WiFi credentials (WiFi name and Password, both case-sensitive), and use the QR scanner that comes up on the eSight device to connect.
  4. Next, download the app on your phone or tablet and follow the create account setup. It should generate a second QR code for you to scan with the eSight device.

I cannot connect to WiFi!

The only way to connect to wifi is by scanning a QR code. You can generate that QR code from the eSight app or from the webpage in the ‘Useful Links’ section above.

If you receive an error message that says “WiFi network is unavailable or out of range,” you most likely entered the name of the wifi network incorrectly. Double check all characters and capitalization and try again.

Currently, eSight is incompatible with wifi networks that require you to log in with unique login credentials or that require you to agree to terms on a webpage before accessing network features.

Everything is Black and White and I can’t get the device back to normal

This usually means that the device has gone into a different mode. You can revert to indoor mode or a normal filter by opening the live view menu with the context button.

Need more information?

Contact your eSight Representative or call the business support hotline:


Open M-F, 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time
Or email:

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