eSight Proudly Announces 40% Price Reduction on Breakthrough Electronic Glasses for The Visually Impaired —Marking Its Largest Affordability Advancement Ever


TORONTO and LOS ANGELES, January 07, 2019 eSight, creators of the world’s most advanced sight-enhancing glasses for the visually impaired, is proud to announce the single largest price reduction in company history, lowering the price of eSight glasses from $9,500 USD to $5,950 USD.

Since the launch of its flagship device, eSight 3, in early 2017, eSight has worked tirelessly to deliver a superior, mobility-enabling solution to visually impaired individuals. Today, eSight offers significantly more value than lower-priced competitor products that are fully immersive and, as a result, cannot enable the mobility-driven empowerment that only eSight can. Because of its differentiated product offering, eSight has experienced substantial business growth, which has enabled this price reduction.

eSight’s customer base of visually impaired individuals, who can now see much better, has grown more than fivefold, while the number of employees has more than tripled. Additionally, burgeoning global interest – as evidenced by more than 100 million views of eSight videos and content around the world – has prompted the company to open offices in the USA and Europe, and make eSight available in more than 45 different countries.

“Due to our strong momentum, particularly from a user growth perspective, the cost of producing our electronic glasses has fallen considerably,” said Dr. Brian Mech, President and CEO of eSight, and veteran expert in medical technology for the visually impaired with two decades of industry experience. “We know that enhanced vision means very little without true mobility. With this in mind, we are excited to cement ourselves as leaders in our industry by positioning a technology that is vastly superior to other wearables for the visually impaired – particularly in how it enables mobility in nearly all activities of daily living – at its most affordable price point.”

To date, this 40 percent price reduction represents the industry’s biggest commitment yet to providing an affordable, mobility-enabling solution to the legally blind community which is not limited by an immersive design that hinders mobility – one of many major drawbacks of most competing platforms. It will also empower public and private institutions to cover the cost of eSight for low-vision stakeholders with greater ease, allowing the technology to be granted through employee benefit programs, standardized accessibility offerings, and more.

eSight is now available in North America at its landmark new price of $5,950. For more information on how it can benefit you or someone you know, please contact an eSight Advisor by calling 1-855-8eSight (1-855-837-4448), by emailing or by visiting

About eSight
eSight is an organization with a simple but profound promise: To help people see the world, and change the world. A unique, patented and clinically-validated technology, eSight 3 are electronic glasses which enable people with vision loss to independently see clearly, and carry out virtually all Activities of Daily Living. eSight is registered with the FDA and EUDAMED, and is inspected by Health Canada. It is available globally. Find us at www.eSightEyewear.comTwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.

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