Entertaining Kids with Low Vision During COVID-19

Find the best activities, websites, and events to teach and entertain your child with low vision during COVID-19.

Child play with her eSight Eyewear. One of many ways for Entertaining kids with low vision

Keeping your children busy during COVID-19 (or anytime) is now easier with these at-home entertainment and learning resources designed for kids living with visual impairments.

What’s your favourite resource for entertaining kids with low vision at home? Let us know so we can add it here.

Visit a Museum or explore Space!

Two online cultural and fun activities for kids of all ages!

Take your kids on a free tour of the MetMuseum in New York. Indulge in discovery activities, explore the interactive map, and go on treasure hunts. > Visit #MetKids

Ready to tour Mars? Go to Space with NASA. Play, learn, read and discover the Universe and its planets with > Nasa Kids Club.

Teaching children about COVID-19

Resources by Age Use

Use these resources from Scholastic to help you teach your kids about the coronavirus in an age-appropriate way.

Guidelines from the CDC

This thoughtful message from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was written to help parents, school staff, and others working with children effectively teach kids about COVID-19.

Top 6 ways to entertain and teach kids at home

eSight’s favourite free resources and activities for entertaining kids with low vision at home. Designed specifically for children living with visual impairments.

Accessible Arcade Games and Fun Learning Apps

Accessibyte is offering their entire cloud platform of apps designed for children with visual impairments free for 45 days. The apps include things like arcade games and flash cards.

Digital Learning For Students with Low Vision

Objective Ed has are making distance learning tools immediately available for students and teachers.

Create Your Own Podcast

Pinapple.FM is collecting podcasts by kids staying at home, for other kids staying home. Join the fun using only your smart phone.

Connect with Kids from Around the World

Join Live with We Schools on Facebook every weekday at 1:00 PM EST. The world-famous organization is welcoming everyone to find inspiring content to keep kids engaged.

Make Homeschooling Fun

Keep learning while schools are out. Make learning fun with these free curriculums and worksheets covering all subjects compliments of 123 Homeschool for me.

Take A Virtual Class Trip

Take a virtual class trip to Toronto with kid-friendly educational and fun activities from the city’s top attractions. Or join the thrill with a virtual ride on your favourite Disney rides.

Other Ideas for Entertaining Kids with Low Vision

Attend a Book Fest for Kids

Everywhere Book Fest is happening May 1st and 2nd, 2020 online.

Free lessons in math, science and more

Khan Academy is a non-profit that offers free online courses in an extensive array of subjects, topics and languages to everyone, everywhere. They strive to ensure accessibility and offer a setting to filter sight-dependent content out a learner’s view.

How are you social distancing with your kids?

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Better yet, help and inspire others! Use your mobile phone or computer to record a short video sharing you’re tips for social distancing with your kids.

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