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Stay informed about COVID-19 with these low vision resources for the blind thanks for #eSightTogether

It’s important to stay informed about COVID-19 to ensure the safety and health of yourself and your loved ones. Here are the reputable health organizations you can look to for guidance and important news updates.

#eSightTogether provides resources for eyecare professionals navigating COVID-19

Accessible COVID-19 Statistics

For many people with disabilities, much of the data available regarding the coronavirus outbreak is in a graphical format, that is not accessible to screen readers.

This website provides an accessible COVID-19 Statistics Tracker, with information at the global, country, and State level for the USA.

COVID-19 Updates from Reputable Health Organizations

Refer to these resources for the latest updates based on your location

Are you looking for global updates?

The World Health Organization (WHO) is curating everything you need to know about the virus to protect yourself and others.  Stay current with global situation updates, access the latest news on emergency funding and partner contributions, and research developments.

Are you located in the USA?

The Center for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) covers the latest guidelines from the Whitehouse and provides easy to follow resources to both individuals and health care workers. Similar resources are available on the Government of the United States website.

Are you located in Canada?

Canadians can stay informed about COVID-19 with updates and guidelines regarding prevention and risks, symptoms and treatments, being prepared, travel advice, and Canada’s response on the Government of Canada’s website.

Are you a healthcare professional?

Looking to go deeper? John Hopkins University & Medicine provides and answers to key questions and updates from experts in the field.

Other Tools to Stay Informed About COVID-19

15 Minute Daily Coronavirus Update

This succinct podcast update aims to equip you with the latest information within a 15 minute daily update. It is available as an Apple Podcast or on ART19.

COVID-19 By the Numbers

This statistics tracker is made available by Tyler Littlefield, a software developer who is legally blind and is working to provide people who are visually impaired with accessible coronavirus information.

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