eSight Community Highlight: Rosa Henderson, eSight Coach

Meet Rosa Henderson, a long-time eSight user and current eSight coach. Rosa began her eSight journey back in 2016 as a patient and became an eSight coach in 2018.

Discovering eSight and becoming an eSight coach

Although she has no official diagnosis, Rosa has dealt with a vision impairment similar to optic neuropathy, her entire life. In 2016, Rosa decided to see what assistive technology options were available through her local vocational rehabilitation center. She tested out the eSight and a few other tools, ultimately deciding on the eSight for the mobility and improved visual acuity it gave her. With eSight, Rosa’s vision can go from 20/200, best-corrected, to 20/20.

eSight coach, Rosa

When Rosa first started using eSight, she was completing her bachelor’s degree. Not only did eSight elevate her learning experience, but it also gave her the chance to experience many things that she never imagined possible.

Through her new experiences and newfound freedom, Rosa decided to focus her efforts on helping other members in the low vision community live their best lives, with the help of eSight.

eSight coach, Rosa, having a meeting with her patient while wearing her eSight 4 device.

Like Rosa, all eSight coaches are members of the low vision community. This allows them to connect with the patients they work with and give them the best possible advice. As an eSight coach, Rosa works with her patients to instill confidence in themselves and their abilities. She encourages her patients to work towards whatever goals or dreams they may have and not to sell themselves short.

We can definitely understand the challenges that they are facing and we can tell them with confidence that we have been able to overcome those challenges and there is no reason they can’t overcome them as well


A message to the sighted community

eSight coach Rosa working at her desk, while wearing her eSight 4 device.

As an advocate for the low vision community, Rosa has a message for those in the sighted community. She wants members of the sighted community to understand that people with low vision are capable of much more than people think. People (especially employers) tend to overlook persons with visual impairments. They assume that they are incapable of getting the job done without ever giving them the opportunity.

Often I find that people equate a vision limitation with a cognitive limitation. You could be missing out on some amazing talent because you think they may not be able to do something because of their vision impairment.


As our society continues to progress and become more inclusive and accessible, Rosa hopes that people can learn to be more open-minded, especially when it comes to people with visual impairments.

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