Honouring Dr. Mary’s Two-Year Anniversary with eSight

Dr. Mary helps two more children receive eSight as part of her anniversary wish

Dr. Mary was floored two year’s ago when she could see her guide dog, Lucy’s face for the first time. Since then, she has helped many other people with visual impairments fundraise for their own vision-enhancing eyewear.


Part of Dr. Mary’s anniversary wish was to help the Collins siblings raise enough to receive their own devices. The 10 and 5 year old both live with ocular albinism and were aiming to receive eSight before their grandmother starts her own battle with cancer. Read their story here.

The Collins siblings try eSight for the first time

Dr. Mary pictured with the Collins siblings, both of who live with Ocular Albinis,
Dr. Mary pictured with 5-year-old boy using eSight Eyewear. The Collins boy has lived with Ocular Albinism his entire life
The Collins siblings look at each other's faces for the first time after living their entire lives with ocular albinism

We’re proud to share that the two have successful in their mission thanks to the generosity of many.

You can help others like the Collins siblings

There are other people living with visual impairments trying to fundraise for their own eSight devices. You can help them by making a donation here.

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