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The low vision device with 100% mobility retention

Clinically proven, eSight stimulates synaptic nerve activity to increase visual information to the brain. eSight is used by thousands of people with low vision and legal blindness to see clearly and achieve their goals at home, school, work, and play.

Who Can eSight Benefit?

eSight is worn daily by thousands of people with visual acuity of 20/60-20/800 caused by over 20 different eye conditions. Wearing eSight many achieve 20/20. Conditions include:  

  • Macular degeneration 
  • Stargardt’s disease 
  • Diabetic retinopathy 
  • And, many more 

What can patients do with eSight? 

eSight moves seamlessly with you through daily life offering the best visual acuity. With eSight, you can: 

  • See the face of loved ones
  • Advance at work or school 
  • Read books and watch TV 
  • Garden, shop, cook and more 
  • Safely explore new places 
  • Get active indoors and out

How do I get started with eSight? 

Before purchasing eSight, potential users are able to test our device through the home experience program. We want to make sure you have the chance to try eSight and see how it can be integrated into your everyday life.

During this time we will book a virtual demonstration with an eSight Advisor who will provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the device.

Meet the users who upgraded to eSight 4

Sandra Elledge

“I am so glad I upgraded to eSight 4. It’s fabulous! I am able to wear it all day in total comfort with complete ease of movement.

No more cords to catch on things, and hit the side of my face making my hearing aids buzz loudly. eSight really hit a home run with this upgrade and I could not be more grateful.”

Gary Foster

“It has been very exciting experiencing the evolution of the eSight device. I have been wearing eSight since eSight 2 and have enjoyed how [the company] has worked very hard to make it more user-friendly and comfortable.

For me, the most significant change has been getting rid of the wire attached to the controller. I would often catch the wire on obstacles during some of my activities and losing the wire has given me much more freedom.”


Richard Weatherford

“eSight 4 has been a game-changer for me in the way I use my eSight. The advanced features and cordlessness of the eSight 4 let’s me be independent in ways I couldn’t even imagine.

The eSight 4 has everything I loved about the eSight 3, but its usability and integration with other products like your smartphone has really raised the bar for wearable assistive technology.”

Learn more about eSight

Click the button below to fill out our form and access our information package. See how eSight is used to achieve goals at work, school and at play.

Payment options?

We understand that assistive technology can be expensive. That’s why we offer different payment options. These include:


Subject to a credit check and a down payment, potential users are able to pay for the device through monthly installments.


eSight also helps individuals purchase the device through our fundraising program: eMPOWER. Our fundraising program has supported nearly one thousand individuals raise funds to start their eSight journey. There are no processing fees so 100% of the funds raised go towards purchasing an eSight device. All eMPOWER users are provided with:

  • Access to our exclusive online peer-to-peer platform, with all fees covered by eSight
  • Assistance in setting up your personal fundraising page
  • Templates, documents, and other resources to help you share your story and maximize your fundraising success

Veterans Affairs

eSight is clinically proven and available under contract through the Veterans Association (Contract number 36F79719D0058, MAS Schedule/SIN 65IIA/A-94). If you have VA health coverage and are low vision or legally blind then you may qualify to receive an eSight device, paid for by the VA. We’ll also connect you to your Visual Impairment Service Team Coordinator (VIST) and local VA for coverage of your eSight.


If you have private insurance, we’ll submit the paperwork to your insurance provider on your behalf. You are under no obligation to purchase eSight 4 unless your claim is fully approved. Best of all, 100% of the claim will go to covering your device and there is no cost to process the claim.

Meet with an eSight advisor

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