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Discover how eSight’s vision-enhancing electronic glasses have changed the lives of thousands of people living with visual impairments and legal blindness. Beautiful stories from real users.

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Pianist Enhances Musicianship with eSight
Jeanette Contant-Galitello enhances low vision toolkit with eSight
Sandra-Lynn competes in Special Olympics thanks to eSight
Jessica Jackson, eSight user holding her eSight 4 box
Jessica Jackson shares how eSight's eMPOWER program changed her life
eSight coach and patient
eSight Community Highlight: Rosa Henderson, eSight Coach
us marine corps flag for veteran day
Veteran Leaves the Marines Due to Vision Loss
Blind Radio Host Shane Timson Uses eSight to Help Him at Work
How an IT Manager Uses eSight in the Workplace
eSight Helps Macular Degeneration Patient Connect with His Family
Young Adult with Diabetic Retinopathy Sees Clearer than Before with eSight
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